Calendar Alerts

Get alerts in your channel of choice when there is a new cryptocurrency calendar event from

Simply authorize the feed in a channel and receive alerts for new calendar events as soon as they are published. Topics include: conferences, coin burns, new exchange listings, meetups, AMA, product launches and much more.

Alerts can be enabled and disabled at any time by the admin who last installed/reinstalled the app.

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Installation process:

Step 1: Add Calendar Alerts Bot to your Discord server or Slack community using the corresponding buttons above

Step 2: Create a separate channel or choose an existing one to receive notifications

Step 3: Send /calendaralerts activate in the channel of your choice in order to start receiving notifications

Optional: Send /calendaralerts help for more details or if you need assistance

Optional: Send /calendaralerts deactivate in the channel of your choice in order to stop receiving notifications