About Us

Chainlabs is a distributed group of engineers providing data analysis for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We work with Big Data tools and labelled datasets to derive insights on the public blockchains. We love difficult challenges, so feel free to contact us if you think we can help !

Our Services

Analytics Services
  • Bitcoin Address Clustering
  • Predictive Analytics & price modeling
  • DeFi Analytics
  • AML & Tracing Infrastructure
Address Labels
  • Exchanges & VASPs
  • Gambling, Merchant, ATM
  • Darknet Markets, Mixers
  • Scam & Randsomware
  • Sanction list: Terrorism financing, CSAM, and more

Our Team

Basile Verhulst


Dimitar Chaushev

Cybersecurity Researcher

Tejas Akadkar

Data Scientist

Shivansh Mittal

Lead Data Scientist

Fransisco De Pablo

Data Scientist

Join Us

We will publish coming job descriptions on our website

We are on the lookout for data scientists and engineers with an interest in Cryptocurrency and DeFi ecosystems. Contact us today and we will consider your application!