Labelled Datasets for Your Own Analysis

We have spent a good part of the last 2 years labelling and inferring the addresses on Cryptocurrency Networks. Those datasets can be used for trade and price modelling, research or anti money laundering (AML) purposes. If you think such a dataset can help you, contact us.

Exchanges & VASPs
Gambling, Merchant, ATM
Darknet Markets, Mixers
Scam & Ransomware
Sanction list: Terrorism financing, CSAM, and more
Using those data labels, we also provide

Custom on-chain Analytics

Analytics Services

Analytics services deployed on your servers


Bitcoin Address Clustering

Heuristics libraries to get the accurate list of wallet (clusters) for different types of entities


EVM Labels for DeFi analytics

Staking trends, yield calculators using on-chain data


Fund de-mixing

We help you understand the origin and destination of funds that went through probabilistic 


AML & Tracing Infrastructure

AML Analytics: Taint tracing, propagation algorithms, and more